Parallel Pliers Brass Jaw


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The parallel action on these pliers makes them perfect for stone-setting, forming, shaping, bending and other common bench tasks where even pressure is needed; the brass-lined jaws are ideal for holding and forming even soft metal sheet, wire or components without marring them. As a result, the jaws hold objects securely, even under very firm pressure, with no slippage. Choose parallel-action pliers when you need to hold a workpiece or other object securely while at the same time applying firm pressure to it, or when manipulating wire (you can feed the wire down through the throat and hold it firmly over the entire length of the jaw). On flat-nose pliers, both jaws are flat; the smooth interior surface of the jaws helps minimize marring of the workpiece. Use flat-nose pliers for wider, broader bends in wire, metal-forming, straightening and flattening out metal, making angled bends in metal and holding components.

  • Overall length 140mm
  • Maximum jaw opening: 10mm

140mm, 160mm

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