Wire Looper Multi-step Ring Looping Plier 13, 16, 20mm


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When producing repetitive wire loops, these easy-to-use pliers will give you great results! In hefty memory wire, it’s strong enough to make the closing loops. The nose features a three-step circular form on one side and a flat shape on the other with PVC tubing to prevent scratching or marring the wire stock. With a little effort, you’ll be able to master the usage of these really helpful pliers in no time.

NOTE: Suitable for wire thicknesses up to 18 Gauge. Can be used with larger wire, but the risk of scratching the wire increases.

Measurements: Approximately 6 Inches Long. Smallest diameter step is about 5mm, middle step is about 7mm, and largest is about 10mm.

  • Black Foam Handle
  • Measurement: 160mm

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