Parallel Forming Pliers Flat/Round Jaw


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These heavy-duty pliers feature one flat jaw and one half-round jaw and a compound box joint that keeps the jaws parallel as they open and close; the joint creates even pressure along the entire jaw, ensuring that the workpiece is always held securely, even under firm pressure. The two jaws are perfect for forming different curves and bends in sheet and wire. Use the flat jaw to form broader, wider curves and angled bends; use the half-round jaw to shape more precise bends. The jaws are springless and stay where you position them until you open or close the handles. The texture on the handles helps ensure a firm grip. An essential tool to have in your toolbox, this plier is perfect for creating rings and shaped wires due to its’ half round jaw, whilst the flat jaw reduces marks and provides grip.

  • Overall length 140mm
  • Maximum jaw opening: 10mm

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