Jewelry making pliers complete set pack of 6


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Lightweight pliers and cutters is designed for a variety of bench tasks; all of the tools have a slim profile and smaller size to provide the greatest access to tight working spaces, and their lightweight design is intended for use with finer gauges of wire and metal.

For all pliers, the overall tool length is 4.5″ (115mm); jaw length is .79″ (20mm). For the cutters, the overall length is 4.5″ (115mm); jaw length is .43″ (11mm) and maximum cutting capacity is 22 gauge (non-ferrous metal). The set comes in a convenient zippered case for organization, storage and transportation.

  •  All tools have box joints and double-leaf springs. In a box joint, one half of the joint surrounds the other half and the pivot is contained within. This joint holds its alignment far longer than a lap joint but allows the tool to open only as far as the box size.
  • The double-leaf spring consists of flat, tempered metal tabs attached to the inside of each of the tool handles, positioned to meet and hold the handles apart (and the jaws open) until they are squeezed closed, delivering a fast, strong rebound for improved productivity.
  • All six tools have black plastic-dipped handles for comfort.

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