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Android app development servicesranging from consultancy to full stack development. You demand and we deliver, that’s what we specialize in. Alpha and Beta testing are done on the app to make the app error-free. Post-launch whatever feedback is gathered from the users, the necessary changes are made. UI is important for any app to flourish in the market because the users seem to like visually appealing apps more. We enhance usability and craft designs that are unconventional and intuitively guides users into a splendid visual journey.

Researching your app idea means a whole lot more than just making sure it will work. That’s the first thing your development company should say to you. The purpose of the research stage is to create a shared understanding of the market, your users, the problem and what the success of your app should look like.

How much time does it take to develop an Android app

The main task of the front-end developers is to create the interface of the application. Having the graphical assets produced by the UX and UI design teams, they try to render the app’s appearance as close to the initial conception as possible. This is, arguably, the main part of the development process from the business perspective in today’s highly competitive market. The application best android companies can have some limitations in functionality or even issues on the back-end and still be successful. At the same time, laggy or just poorly designed interface means instant and inevitable failure at the start. Once your MVP version of your mobile application is ready, afterward, you can scale your mobile application as per the feedback you receive from your customers.

App Development Timeline During Different Stages Process

He did what he could and what he was good at; he raised the idea with the resources available at that moment. After a while, interested investors started reaching out to him with profitable offers.

How much time does it take to develop an Android app

So, you can measure the success metrics of your mobile application idea. The more experienced, skilled software engineers you work with, the faster you can launch your app. Senior back-end engineers will take care of fast, high-quality app’s architecture while front-end experts will enhance user interface with lovely effects and animations within short terms. In a case with junior specialists, mentoring, code reviews, refactoring and similar processes may take too much time. MVP’s features have a great impact on development time. The more advanced, trendy features you would like your MVP to demonstrate, the more time you need to devote to development.

Development Stage (8 – 10 weeks)

Due to its complexity, the planning stage usually takes about a month. In most cases, however, it’s purely a business decision. The common dilemma is whether to develop an app for iOS, Android or both. Sure, the most complex app sounds most reasonable, but the more complex the app, the longer it takes to develop it. Your app will cost you for sure but neglecting quality over quantity is just not a wise decision. If you want users to follow, download, and like your app, make it worthy, make it appealing and engaging.

All these steps require a different amount of time to be done. For starters, remember that developing an app for both OS’s requires experienced developers. Due to Android’s fragmentation, you may need to be a bit more patient. It would be however untrue to state that Android development takes significantly more time. If you know what you’re doing, then you are aware of the common bugs and shortcomings and know precisely what to do to avoid them. But what seems revolutionary to you, may have been incorporated years ago and failed miserably.

They are highly flexible and speed up the process while keeping initial expenses low and helping in reducing the average app development time. The complexity of the app idea defines the required software development and design efforts. If you are developing the front end of your mobile app along with the back end infrastructure, it’s important that you prioritize what functionality you build. Give your back end engineer a head start so that your front end engineer can build functional code.

It is organizing how everything will work and how all the parts are related. The designer plans the screen overview and where particular buttons will be located. The great UX design is always a balance between giving users what they need and initial business purposes. Besides that, UX designers are responsible for simple and intuitive navigation that all users look for. This involved not only creating a modern, user-friendly UI/UX using simple wireframes but also prioritizing what functionalities to highlight.

In this part, we are going to discuss the time required to complete these key stages in Mobile App Development. If you decide that you can compete in the market, you need to devote a significant amount of time researching their products. Download their apps, and use them as your consumers would. In this time you should find out the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor. Once you’ve got that figured out, move on to determining the market size. The answers to these questions are crucial in deciding whether to move forward with the project or flush it down the toilet.

IT Support Costs

For this, we offer services and solutions in every industry to help them thrive. For the SwiDate project, QA testing took us 340 hours. From structure to design and from behavior to content, everything that a user sees is curated by front-end developers.

Good UX design lies in the way how users interact with the application, which actions they should complete some goals. The great UX design consists of such little things as the aforementioned elements with the number of servings. Moving further, we are going to check the timeline required to develop an iOS application. On this stage, your MVP turns to a complete powerful software product, extended with numerous interesting features.

The prototype, MVP and fully-function app: your successful app development timeline

Interaction with third-party technologies is always an unknown factor in any mobile app development cycle. Documentation has to be created in order to tell you how processes should work. If need to know whether or not the technology works properly, try to write a tester code and you will see what data you receive. In conclusion, attempt and tackle the hard and unknown tasks first.

  • Choose this minimum viable product approach if you only want to release your mobile app with core functionalities.
  • Moving in this direction is a dicey task as you need to figure out if you need to stick to your idea or start again from the very beginning.
  • Now, let us know how to accelerate the whole app development process which we at Appventurez strictly follow as per the project requirement.
  • When we say prototype, we don’t mean a fully-functional app.
  • The designer plans the screen overview and where particular buttons will be located.
  • But even if your first MVP-attempt won’t be successful, you still have so many other chances to build a profitable product.
  • Besides, there’s always a chance to implement cutting-edge trends and become a front-runner in your industry.

Apps that are placed in the second category take months and months for their actual existence. Developing apps to match the level of Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, Google Maps, Tinder, or any other top game is no less than a challenge. With so many choices of applications to download, these mobile applications are all set to generate $200 billion in revenue by 2021.


When you try to find out how long to make an app, follow the proven business strategies. Make sure that each stage like planning, pre-development, development, launching, post-launch support is conducted step by step on the high level. Considering all the mentioned details we hope to answer your question “how long does it take to make an app” and give helpful advice on your solutions. Can be completed for 6-8 weeks since it requires work with the app server and the database. For such service applications, all the data is stored in the back-end server. To build the app the team is going to develop such server which will store dynamic data about items stock, clients’ accounts data, photos of the meals, etc.

Detailed Answer on How Long Does It Take to Create an App

UI/UX strategy for Domino’s that helped increase its mobile app’s conversion rate by 23%. The UI of an app is taken care of by graphic designers. This gives the apps an appearance to enhance the user experience. As the app size increases, the features are more and more directed towards the type of app.

An app that takes more than 6-months to develop may miss a vital marketing window. It might also pave the way for another similar app to gain more momentum. You must meet a delicate balance between time and quality.

All these capabilities rely on the work of the back-end developer. The main objective during this stage is to create project documentation where all the functionality of the application will be described and explained in detail. It also includes mock-ups of the screens and user stories which explains the logic behind everything, how users will interact with the application and its UI elements, etc. The Uber application was released as an MVP version to test the idea of Uber cars by connecting the customers with the riders and receiving payment. Then, gradually the application was adopted by the people globally. Thus, using the MVP version, Uber entered the market.

App Development Timeline by 3 Types of Apps

Mobile app brief is one of the main documents that entrepreneurs and app developers often miss out on. Ideally, the better the brief the lesser time it would take to understand the software project and the requirements. In fact, this one step can have a HUGE impact on the time required to develop an app. As every app is unique in itself, it is difficult to predict a fixed range to estimate the app development timeline.

On this stage, the team defines the requirements and arranges the app development process. All this is done to make sure that the final solution will be corresponding to the business goals. Choosing cross-platform allows you to develop a mobile application for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Thus, it becomes an effective approach in saving the time and cost of development.

It entirely depends on your marketing strategies and efforts and the quality of the offered services. So when you develop a simple app with fewer complexities, you quickly build it within a few weeks. But when you are up to creating a complex app, which might take months to complete. For example, as simple as a PDF Scanner app will take 4 – 6 weeks to get completed, but a SaaS-based app like Uber may take more than 4 months to 6 months. Please know that the timeframe for other app development stages would remain almost similar in both the cases, Android and iOS. Only the coding stage creates the difference between the timeframe for the two app development types.


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